Digital Sky Design, Your Virtual Communications Partner


Your Virtual Communications Partner

In my most recent roles for large institutions, like the University of Delaware, I have developed standards and produced a variety of materials using these standards to ensure a consistent brand and cohesive messaging.

I produce news magazines and brochures, and postcards to disseminate newsworthy accomplishments, and electronic messages for our alumni and friends.

I have expert skills in website design and development, e-marketing tools, graphic design, and process improvement.

I am currently responsible for over 20 websites, and have implemented WordPress to ensure mobile-friendly and compliant user experiences. I welcome the opportunity to bring these skills to others to improve their productivity and increase brand awareness.

  • Design and develop websites for colleges, departments, centers, and special programs
  • Manage and design communications projects, i.e., e-news, magazines, books, reports, brochures and research center proposals and highlights
  • Develop and implement strategies, guidelines, and deadlines for media opportunities
  • Display dynamic content on webpages
  • Collaborate with leadership and various institutional contacts to achieve objectives
  • Consult with web hosting companies when necessary. Collaborate with print vendors to ensure quality and prompt delivery of print projects
  • Follow industry trends, technologies, tools and skills